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Rental Checklist
Certified Staff
Cleaning Checklist
Concert Policy

Derry Opera House
Guide to Rental Information

Rental Checklist - a basic guide to the process of renting the Opera House.  It also list all the prerequisites and requirements you must meet in order to rent.  We recommend you start with this summary document.

Rental Pricing Schedule - what it will cost.

Bookings Calendar - when the space is available (or not).  This is a view-only, Outlook WebApp Calendar.  It's the master calendar for Opera House bookings.  Please let us know if you have any issues using the Rental Bookings Calendar. You may have to refresh your browser (clear the cache) as this link has changed.  Please don't confuse the Bookings Calendar page with the Opera House Schedule of Events, which covers only a one to two month advance time window, but has more details on each event.

Renter Cleaning Checklist - a guide to your responsibilities for keeping the Opera House clean.

Technical Package - facility description, specifications and dimensions, plus what equipment comes with the facility, and rules of usage.

Certified Production Staff - description of our certified staff program, its requirements upon renters, staff job descriptions, and contact information.

Teen Rock Concert Policy - describes additional requirements for popular music concerts targeted at teenagers and young adults (ages 13 - 25).

Schedule of Events - dates and descriptions of events booked at the Opera House (exclusive of rehearsal and tech time).  Note that this is not a good indication of available dates for booking.  See the Bookings Calendar instead.

Rental Application Form - use this on-line request form to initiate a rental request.  You may also initiate a rental request by calling us and leaving a message in voice-mail.  Please note, that this form is not your Rental Contract.  Your contract will be mailed to you in hard copy via USPS mail, or e-mailed to you as a PDF format (Adobe Acrobat) attachment.

Rental Contract Form - a PDF (Adobe Acrobat) soft-copy of the Rental Agreement and Technical Technical template that we use.  This is the paperwork that we fill out, based on your rental request (on-line or phone).  We place it here for your reference.  A hard-copy, along with either a Rental Invoice or Rental Estimate, will be mailed to you via USPS mail, or a PDF format soft-copy of these documents will be e-mailed to you, once your rental request has been confirmed.

If you are interested in renting, want to verify that certain dates are available, or want to ask technical questions, please contact us, as listed below.  Final confirmation of availability of dates and booking status will communicated to you from our office staff.

Mark Berglund, House Manager & Rental Manager, (603) 437-0505

Technical Director & Facility Manager, (603) 437-0505